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More Features

In addition to the benefits listed on the right, there are so many more features of our Panel Management Software that will take your research to the next level. We offer social integration to Facebook and LinkedIn, which makes joining easy for members.

You can also send personalized surveys to selected panelists through our intelligent user segmentation feature. We also have white label options that let you customize your panel with your company's branding or you can collect feedback within your own existing application. Whatever your needs are, we have the tools and capacity to help you manage and scale programs of all kinds.

Engagement Tools

Engagement Tools


Use customizable badges for achievements to keep panelists active and engaged, or send segmented surveys to reach just the right people.


Panel Health Dashboard

Panel Dashboards


Chart your panel's performance over time with beautifully designed dashboards. Real-time data allows you to measure recruiting efforts, see growth stats and assess the overall health of the panel at any given time.

Cross Compatible 

Cross Compatible


With our cross compatible platform you never have to miss a beat. Gather responses where the people are - from every channel - whether it be online, email, or mobile. 


Automated Points & Rewards

Points & Rewards


With automated reward fulfillment, points and rewards are taken care of for you. Just set points for each survey and the points needed to redeem, and the rest is handled automatically. You can even set custom rewards!