Shared Assessment

Shared Assessments Program is a new way for financial institutions and service providers to streamline the service provider assessment process and raise the bar on security in the financial services industry.

Survey Analytics's Shared Assessments tools are straightforward with common-sense documents that are consistent with our guidelines. It will help you work more effectively with clients, streamlining vendor management processes.

Our Shared Assessments Program eliminate redundancies and create efficiencies, giving you a standardized, consistent, faster, more rigorous, more efficient and less costly means of conducting security, privacy and business continuity assessments. Our Shared Assessments acts as a platform to streamline completion of the Shared Assessment Standardized Information Gathering(SIG) and creates an actionable risk repor

Shared Assessment

Shared Assessments was created by leading financial institutions, the Big 4 accounting firms, and key service providers to inject standardization, consistency, speed, efficiency and cost savings into the service provider assessment process.

The Survey Analytics's Shared Assessments controls will be available to co-exist with other control templates, allowing clients to choose the most appropriate control sections or domains that are relevant to their environment.

Our Shared Assessments standards to self-assess their risk posture will allow them to stay focused on their internal controls rather than filling out the same type of survey over and over again for each customer

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