With the SurveyPocket module, conducting real-time mall-intercepts is a breeze. With the iPad (3G or WiFI) enabled handled devices - you can conduct field surveys, mall intercepts in real-time. The custom SA-Mobile iPhone/iPad application allows you to setup a survey for data-collection in the real-world without sacrificing time.


Offline Survey Administration.

Synchronization with your Survey Database.

Location tracking via GPS.


Instant Access on all 4 major smartphone platforms - iPhone/iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry.

Incentivized research. Users get free access to paid Apps / Songs.

Users are also profiled for segmentation purposes (Gender, Age, et. al.)

Push Notification and GPS Location Tracking.

Mobile Communities


Mobile Optimized Surveys - HTML5

Dynamic Optimization of Surveys - based on platform and device

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Mobile Ethnography - Diary Research

Survey Analytics Mobile Application enables researchers to see firsthand consumer behaviors without the impact of response bias or memory lapse. The use of mobile technology offers a peek into the lives of those individuals most critical to your business by providing a direct account of behaviors, preferences and attitudes.

Mobile Upload of Images, Video and Audio

Push Notification and GPS Location Tracking

Perfect tool for Longitudinal Research

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QR Codes

Generate QR Codes for Your Surveys

Send respondents to your surveys automatically via QR Codes - anywhere, anytime

Get instant customer feedback via QR Codes - Use them on menus, documents and point of sale

QR Codes are the easiest way to help respondents to take mobile surveys - no typing, just take a picture!

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