Applying specific, targeted, qualitative content analysis models to the collected data allows us to leverage deep insights and provide specific recommendations around brands, products and services.

Enhanced Analysis

The SurveyAnalytics Enhanced Analysis Toolkit includes our entire feature set for analyzing and viewing results. Grouping, crosstab, response editing, and drill down capabilities offer the maximum flexibility for analyzing data. Data can also be exported to SPSS, MS Excel, or .csv files.

Grouping and Segmentation

Banner Table Export to MS Excel

SPSS (.sav) File Export

Individual Response Editor

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Customized Reports

Fully customizable reports and charts. Customized Report / Chart creates a slide for each of the question in your survey. You can customize the slides to fit your presentation needs. You can edit the slides or remove particular slides from the presentation. Customized Reports can be downloaded in HTML, PDF formats.

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Statistical Models & Analytics

1-Click access to statistical models like:

TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) Analysis

CHAID Analysis

Weighting and Balancing

GAP Analysis (Importance Vs. Satisfaction)

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