Dmitry Feld

CTO, Co-Founder, R&D Arts, Inc.

"R & D Arts is a consulting team of high-end software engineers and scientists. High quality of their personnel allows them to create innovative software products on the bleeding edge of current technology. The company focuses on research and development in fields like Mobile Computing, Multimedia, Digital Cartography, and Complex Data Visualization. R & D Arts prides their ability to deliver very efficient, easily maintainable and lightweight solutions. Their clients are Fortune 500 companies, hot Silicon Valley startups, and fastest growing private enterprises in Canada and USA."

Scott Gingold

CEO, Powerfeedback

"Powerfeedback has been providing comprehensive and full-service (qualitative and quantitative) market research services since 1993. Having nine Ph.D. level market researchers on staff, along with 4 programmers, clients have the confidence to know that their research projects will be successful. Being fully trained both SurveyAnalytics and IdeaScale, clients avoid worrying about how to most efficently program their surveys, plus the proper formulation of the questionare for mamximum return on investment, as well as reporting the data in a manner which brings immediate attention and action to the results uncovered. Powerfeedback also offers an extensive array of consulting services (marketing, finance, human resources, public relations, crisis management, general business, sales and customer service training, etc.) to address any issues that the research uncovered."

Duane Bedard

President, eSage Group

"eSage Group is a system integrator focused on building and delivering internet-enabled business systems. eSage combines experienced professionals, enterprise technology and an adaptive, iterative approach to provide clients with amazing results. The software solutions to today.s business problems must be secure, flexible, robust and standards based so that they can scale to meet future needs. The eSage team has extensive experience building just such systems for our clients."

Stuart Shulman

President & CEO, Texifter LLC.

"Texifter, LLC is a spin-out company based on text analysis research by Dr. Stuart Shulman, the founder of QDAP-Pitt and current Director of QDAP-UMass. Over the last 10 years, Dr. Shulman has conducted research primarily in the domain of electronic rulemaking, with a specific focus on the development of human language tools for reviewing large numbers of public comments. Over the past three years, he has been sole inventor on five distinct software applications that support tasks ranging from text classification, blog capture, and manuscript review management, to the development of better annotation for improving optical character recognition. Texifter has partnered with SurveyAnalytics to jointly develop highly advanced text analysis modules."

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