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The SurveyAnalytics Enterprise Edition is ideal for organizations seeking a single flexible platform for conducting online surveys and analyzing data. The Enterprise Edition is designed to benefit a range of users within an organization. The intuitive interface allows for simple effective online survey projects. For the power user seeking to conduct complex online research, the Enterprise Edition includes advanced features for the design and delivery of web-based surveys.

Ideal for:

Organizations needing surveying capabilities for 5 - 50+ users.

Organizations/users who need to develop complex surveys and data collection systems.

Organizations looking to consolidate enterprise feedback on one platform.

Organizations that need to integrate survey data with other enterprise systems.

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The SurveyAnalytics Enterprise Edition allows sharing of surveys and results as well as survey stylesheets and companywide survey templates.

surveyanalytics.com allows multiple users in an organization to share surveys with other survey administers. Survey results may also be published privately in secure dashboard accounts. The dashboard accounts are password protected and allow users to login and interactively view survey results.

Key Features:

Custom standardized stylesheets for a companywide survey look & feel.

Company specific survey templates.

Centralized administration for user accounts.

Read-only password protected interactive reporting accounts (dashboards).

Send automated scheduled emails containing real-time survey results.

Automatically notify team members based on survey responses, e.g. negative customer feedback.

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The SurveyAnalytics Enterprise Edition is the on-demand framework that powers SurveyAnalytics Survey Software. It is built on platform independent technologies like XML, HTTP and XML-RPC.

Developers can build highly customized, integrated, company-specific data-collection systems using the development platforms and languages of their choice.

Key Features:

Web services API.

Custom scripting module allows for highly customized and complex survey design.

Custom scoring capabilities that generate calculated values, e.g. satisfaction index.

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