Custom Scripting Logic

With Custom Scripting the sky is the limit. You can set up any kind of custom logic. The flow of the survey is fully under your control and you can set up complex logic criteria based on either a single or multiple questions.

Using Custom Scripting/programming logic you can set up any logic imaginable and not only based on the survey variables but also based on external variables. You can easily achieve any of the following custom requirements:

Implement Complex Scoring logic

Advanced Randomization

Matrix Branching

Delayed Branching using Script

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Scripting API

With SurveyAnalytics Advanced Scripting API you can set up complex logics on your survey. You can use the Scripting API in following areas to enhance the survey flow to meet your unique requirements:

Macro Processing and Custom Reporting

Programming a customized quiz

Randomize Questions and Answers

Text Based Branching

Skip logic based on more than one responses

Piping response over multiple pages

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