Interactive Surveys incorporate pictures to represent the answers. The adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words", is well backed by statistical figures, as such surveys have shown 30%-40% higher response rates as compared to traditional html surveys.

Using AJAX and Animation, with Smart Validation Models, Interactive Surveys can decrease congnitive stress. Use of symbols and pictures is prominent at public places such as hospital, restaurants and in traffic signs, simply for the reason that the brain is able to understand and react to pictures better and quicker than to text. Moreover, a person weak with a particular language may not understand the meaning of a particular option when it is in text, but get it immediately when represented as a picture. These reasons make Interactive Surveys to be more productive.

Drag And Drop Image Ranker

When order of importance or priority for something is to be sought this question lets the respondent assign a unique rank value to each image. The drag and drop image ranker question type gives the respondent a very easy interactive way of ranking multiple images. All he needs to do is drag the images from the question box and drop them in the ranker box in the order of importance. Once the images are dragged in the rank box the respondent he can then easily move them around to reorder/sort them by dragging them around in the box and moving them vertically.

On submiting the survey you as an admin will get a clear representation of the ranking. i.e. Individual ranking as well as agreggate ranking so you know how respondents have been ranking the images.

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Image Chooser (Select One)

The image choooser question is a simple question that lets your respondents pick an image from multiple images that you have asked them in the question. The response will be one answer as a image that will help you analyze your respondents with ease.

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Image Chooser (Select Multiple)

The multiple select image chooser question would be very similar to the single select image chooser except for the fact that with this one you can collect multiple answers which means the respondent can select multiple images in the answer. Further you can also validate if you want them to pick only x number of images out of the total y to answer the question. Making the question even more powerful for interactive data analysis.

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Image Rating

The image rating type question would handle the scenario where you want the respondent to rate multiple images in the same question. So you can have 5 images in the question with a 5 point scale to rate them and the respondent can then rate each image between 1 to 5 with a simple drop down menu. And from the analysis stand point you can easily keep out images that were ranked more than 3 out of your consideration, also you will have data such as which of the images was rated number one most frequently or the image that was not preferred by too many people.

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Interactive Videos

High quality interactive videos via the Web are now a real possibility for small and medium sized businesses - enabling powerful, elegant and effective means for interaction. Survey Analytics can feature video, animation, 3D models and effects in all interactive surveys in order to enhance communication.

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Interactive Slider Rating Scales

In today's sampling environment, researchers are increasingly vying for respondents attention, and data integrity is a constant concern. A move toward more engaging and interactive question and answer formats can help address these issues. Interactive Slider Rating Scales gives researchers the opportunity to produce question and answer styles that incorporate a greater breadth of answers, as well as enable animation and interactivity.

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Interactive Maps

The benefits of using interactive maps are immense. Such maps are completely capable of increasing the navigation and usefulness of your Surveys. It is much easier for the respondents to select their location by using the clickable interactive maps. Just by rolling the mouse over certain part of the map, the respondent can instantly select that area from the pop-up text, links and images.

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