Conducting a Retail Audit

There are many factors that are challenging in conducting a retail audit. Many businesses with limited budgets and multiple locations are now turning to technology to manage the colossal amount of data associated with conducting a store audit. It is important for each business to explore its priorities and evaluate the current audit process and where it can be improved. Businesses adapting mobile technology into the retail audit process are those looking for ways to enhance audit productivity, make improvements in audit reporting and to expand communication for operational effectiveness.

Real Time Retail Intelligence

Gain Product Information

Easily collect information about the newest products on the market. Eliminate data reentry and overall response time by getting real time results with no errors and no paperwork.

Evaluate the Competition

See how competitors are changing their strategies and product direction. Improve your product consistency through scoring and analyzing predetermined responses to specific questions.

Secure Real Time Data Collection

Your distribution representatives can collect data on mobile and tablet devices, which is synced securely to a centralized database for analysis.

Dashboard Overviews

The up to date information you gain enables you to visualize and make adjustments to your strategy. Now you can identify operational issues and respond with quick corrective actions.

Improving Performance Trends

Audit technology gives feedback on your current store performance and compliance trends. Using this technology, you can detect and resolve problem areas and improve the overall performance of your business.

Barcode Scanning with Mobile Devices

Using traditional paper questionnaires businesses often experience a delay in getting the necessary information in front of the decision-makers. By using the Survey Analytics mobile field data collection application, SurveyPocket, intelligence is collected in real time.

SurveyPocket's Native Barcode Scanner

The barcode scanner available in SurveyPocket is dynamically connected to the Universal Product Code (UPC) barcode database.

Conduct a Retail Audit Using Mobile Barcode Scanning

Representatives from your business can use tablets and smartphones to collect information during in-store visits. Easily scan the barcode of competitive products and the collected information is quickly and securely synchronized to a centralized reporting system for management to review.

Competitive Advantage in Product Placement

Employees conducting the retail audit can take photos, videos, and answer the questions specified about each store and the placement of products from a mobile device. The information is provided in real time giving your business a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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