In-Store Audit

You can use SurveySwipe to collect data for studies of sample of retail outlets. Conduct mobile retail audit with SurveySwipe and gather information on a brand's sales volume, sales trends, stock levels, effectiveness of in-store display and promotion efforts, and other associated aspects. SurveySwipe Retail Audit allows you to collect data from upto 3000 unique sites.

Retail Audit

In the retail world, you've got to know the competitive landscape at all times. But all too often, retail audits provided by third parties are not up to date quickly enough or they are not tailored specifically to your needs.

"VALUE" is something which can reduce the cost to consumer during the entire process of shopping. Retail audit is a tool which will help an every marketer to get that value.

Why not conduct your own retail audit?

    A retail audit can tell you:
  • which of your products
  • and which of your competitors' products
  • are on which shelves
  • at which stores
  • at what times

You can scan product bar codes, take pictures and video, take notes, and answer pre-programmed survey questions to create a rich dataset for analysis.

With today's technology it's easier and more affordable than ever to conduct your own retail audit. Everything you need to collect and analyze information crucial to your business is included the SurveyPocket app for tablets or smartphones. The SurveyPocket app comes equipped with its own barcode scanner and is brought to you by Survey Analytics.

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