Survey Analytics's online survey software is designed to meet the needs of the most complex online market research projects. Functionality like, branching, randomization, and piping are all simple point and click programming tasks. For the complex research project that requires the next level of programming, the system is backed by a proprietary custom scripting module that allows for unlimited possibilties in survey programming.

The analysis capabilities allow for one click access to real-time reports, comparison reports, trend reports, and online dashboards. Exporting the data to SPSS (.sav format), MS Excel and comma delimited (.csv) formats is available on-demand or can be scheduled at regular intervals.

Complex Logic Surveys

The Survey Builder offers advanced features for delivering high caliber market research surveys. Everything, including branching, looping, piping, randomization, and extraction is easily programmed using the wizard based interface. If we don't support exactly what you are trying to accomplish, then we have experts who can custom program the survey for you.

Branching (compound and delayed)

Extraction, Piping, Looping



Quota Support

Survey Panel Integration (completes, terminates, over quota)

Complete Multi-Media Support

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Standard Question Types

The system offers following Standard question types.

Multiple Choice

Open Ended Text

Matrix Table

Rank Order

Constant Sum


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Advanced Question Types

The system offers following Advanced question types.

Side-By-Side Matrix

Logic/ Randomizer

Reference/ Validate Data

Dynamic Lookup Table

Attach/ Upload File

Net Promoter Score

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Custom Scripting

With Custom Scripting sky is the limit. You can set up any kind of custom logic. The flow of the survey is fully under your control and you can set up complex logic criteria based on either a single or multiple questions.

Using Custom Scripting/programming logic you can set up any logic imaginable and not only based on the survey variables but also based on external variables. You can easily achieve any of the following custom requirements:

Implement Complex Scoring logic

Advanced Randomization

Matrix Branching

Delayed Branching using Script

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Add-on Modules

In addition to standard choice, scaling, and text input questions, the following Add-On Modules are supported:

Conjoint (Discrete Choice)


Image Chooser

Image Ranker

ACSI Index

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Complex Grid | Flex Matrix

The Dynamic Grid/Control allows you to define custom scales for a grid and allows you to collect large amounts of data in a comprehensive manner.

Multiple Rating Scales

Text/Numeric Input

Drop Down Menu's

Comment Boxes

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Complex Quota Control

The Quota Control module allows you to create Unlimited cells for complex quota logic. Cells can be based on survey questions or custom variables/external data.

Dynamically Create MxN Matrix of Cells

System Automatically fulfills the data grid

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Split Ballot Design/Testing

Split ballot testing allows you to create a unique URL that points to two (or more) surveys and it randomly cycles through each of the surveys. The experiment could be different versions of a survey, or different surveys, etc. The goal is to see if any differences exist between the versions of the survey or how users behave differently.

Some examples where we've successfully used split ballot testing:

Two different versions of a survey (one with a larger comment box and one with a smaller one) - to see if users actually type in more comments - if the comment box is larger.

To randomly subdivide the sample into 4 parts - where each group gets a version of the creative that we wanted in-depth feedback on

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