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What are Criteria:

A standard, rule, or test on which a judgment or decision can be based. When designing surveys there may be questions that need to be displayed only if certain conditions are met. Similarly we may also want to create reports based on certain conditions / criteria. For Example:

 IF Gender = Male
 Age = 18 Or Above

 Display Question 5.
 Jump to Question 6.
Here the Criteria for displaying Question 5 is that respondent needs to be a Male Adult.

Where are Criteria used?

Criteria are used in:

Compound Branching Logic

Delayed Branching Logic

Show / Hide Question Logic

Show / Hide Question Options

Action Alerts

For all the above options if there are existing criteria, a drop list to select the criteria is provided. Add New Criteria option is also present.

How to set up Criteria?

Click on the Add New Criteria link.

1. Screenshot

Survey Software Help Image

Enter a name for the criteria you wan to add. Choose from the Criteria / Data Segment type.

2. Screenshot

Survey Software Help Image

Add the required criteria and click on the Finish button to save.

3. Screenshot

Survey Software Help Image

New Data Segment will get created and ready for use.

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