State of the Union 2011,Mobile Dial-Testing/Polling Initiative

Any size organization - a blog publication, a small town, or a large government can introduce real-time polling for the State of the Union. The unique project involves polling your audience in real time as users are watching the State of the Union - Using a mobile app. We've partnered with UMass Political Science professor Stu Shulman and will be leveraging his 10 year NSF-funded text analytics research tool - DiscoverText™ to analyze the data from social networks as well as data provided by participants in real-time.

The explosive growth of smart phones, coupled with its inherent location-based underpinnings make these devices the perfect platform to collect real-time, participatory feedback during the State of the Union. We think this represents a huge opportunity to engage with your constituents in unique ways.

Interested in collaborating? Compare your data with others? - See FAQ below....

Founding Partners - Project Directors

Vivek Bhaskaran SurveySwipe


Gina Cooper Cooper Strategies

Rob Hoehn BadgeFarm

Charter Partners

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I create my own traffic and data set?

To create your own traffic and data/set:

Please replace YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME with your domain name so we can track users using your URL. After the State of the Union we can then share and compare your data-set with others.

How does the partnership work?

Participating communities (partners) are recruited to ask their members sign up for the SOTU polling project by downloading a free mobile app.
During the SOTU, partners interface with members via a web based administrative dashboard where they can pulse (push notify) questions to their members, either as planned or on the fly. There is also the ability to pre and post survey members.
The app tracks answers which can be analyzed via online analytics software that comes with the deal.
Partners get membership data and the analytics are for free.

Who owns the data?

All data collected for the SOTU will be "open-sourced" - i.e. no singular partner will have exclusive rights to the data collected during this project. It will be licensed using the Creative Commons Attribution License.

What are the different partnership levels?

We are currently supporting two level

Charter Partners - partners who promote this project to at least 10,000 users.

Standard Partners - Everyone else

What about branding? Can the app be branded?

Yes. Charter Partners's users will have the ability to co-brand the mobile app.

Can partners execute future research projects?

Yes. Charter partners can execute up to 2 future projects for no charge with their own constituents. Regular partners will get access to their data-sets in raw-format also.

I don't qualify for the Charter Partnership - how do I still participate?

Please email one of the project directors and we'll provide you with a unique URL (So we can track your data.)

I qualify for a Charter Partnership - What next?

Please contact Gina Cooper and we'll set you up with a co-branded landing page for users to download the co-branded mobile app.

What is the Privacy Policy for this project?

Data Collected under this project will be goverened by the SurveySwipe Privacy Policy.

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