Conjoint analysis is a powerful market research technique that measures how people make decisions based on certain features of a product or service. It decodes their purchasing behaviors helping you predict how your product or service will perform in the market.

Decode Consumer Behavior Using Conjoint Analysis

Application of Conjoint Analysis Tool in Market Research for Product launch

When making choices between products and services, every consumer is faced with trade-offs. Is high quality more important than a low price and quick delivery? Or is good service more important than the design, look or feel?

With Survey Analytics's sophisticated and easy-to-use conjoint analysis software tools, you can collect, analyze and act on information to make better decisions to improve on your products and services.

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Conjoint Research at the Workplace

Survey Analytics' conjoint analysis tools help companies of any size evaluate real choices people make for selecting a potential product. We put the power of conjoint market research in your hands.

Do More with Conjoint

Understanding precisely how markets value different elements of products and services means product development can be optimized.

With each respondent's score you will be able to define specific competitive contexts and project consumer choices before your product or service even hits the market. Survey Analytics' conjoint market simulators let you fine tune certain aspects of your product, such as pricing, to consumer's willingness to pay for a feature.

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Conjoint Analysis In the Classroom

Whether you're taking an undergraduate course in basic research or you are a graduate student needing conjoint analysis software for your upcoming thesis, Survey Analytics can accommodate all types of research. Our enterprise research platform gives you the flexibility to run all your course research needs in just one tool.

Conjoint Analysis For Class Research

Survey Analytics' conjoint analysis tools are quickly becoming the go-to solution for students around the world. Our intuitive platform is the most effective way to get hands-on results. Create personal accounts, conduct authentic research and collaborate with users all with a click of the button.

Experimental Conjoint Research

Experimental conjoint research is a widely-used survey type in university classrooms. With Survey Analytics' conjoint tool, an easy user-interface lets you conduct market research surveys, randomly assign respondents to focus groups, and test hypotheses in minutes instead of the hours or weeks it use to take.

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Survey Analytics' Conjoint Software Advantage

Sometimes it can challenging to decide which conjoint method is most appropriate for your particular research situation.

One Stop Solution For All Your Conjoint Analysis Needs

Our survey suite allows you to accurately measure consumer purchasing behavior, test your product to target distinct market segments, and select from numerous add-on modules for image, heat map, QR code and emoticon support all within a highly accurate market size simulator.

From expert, market leaders to novice researchers to graduate students, they all have successfully used our conjoint software across industries for various applications. Our enterprise research platform offers two different conjoint analysis options.

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