ShopTrac™ Mobile Shopper Tracking

Knowing how your customers move around your store is vital. Optimal display placement can make a difference between profit and loss for a store.

If you need to know how your customers navigate your store, you need ShopTrac. ShopTrac is a revolutionary new system that uses Android smartphones to record how your customers shop. You don't need a lot of expensive equipment to set up ShopTrac in any store.

ShopTrac works by recording a radio signal that you can generate from any number of radio transmission nodes within the store. Then the Survey Swipe ( smartphone interviewing and data collection app on the Android phone records the radio signals as the customer walks through the store ! It's that simple !


Cost Effective - uses inexpensive readily available technology and Android smartphones. No expensive equipment needed.

Flexible - Shop Trac is easy to set up within a store, easy to take to another store

Fast - data is available for reporting in real time and available to you instantl

Easy to use - no special skills are required to get started with Shop Trac. Just plug the Shop Trac nodes in and install the app on the Android phones and you are ready to start!

Shop Trac uses wholly new concepts to allow you to have a simple, affordable way of knowing how your customers navigate your store. By using Android based smartphone it opens new possibilities for retailers. You can build a panel of shopper and monitor how their shopping behavior evolves over time. You see the effect of rearranging the store or how sales change store navigation.

Shop Trac is only available from Survey Analytics and uses the Survey Swipe smartphone data collection app for Android. Contact Survey Analytics and learn how you can know what your customers are doing every moment they are in your store !

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