With the SA-Mobile module, conducting real-time mall-intercepts is a breeze. With the iPad (3G or WiFI) enabled handled devices - you can conduct field surveys, mall intercepts in real-time. The custom SA-Mobile iPhone/iPad application allows you to setup a survey for data-collection in the real-world without sacrificing time.

Field Surveys - Mall Intercept - Mobile Surveys

Real-Time Reporting

Location Awareness - Automatic Segmentation

Instant Feedback - Globally

Off-The-Shelf Hardware - Apple iPhone/iPad

Custom iPhone/iPad App

Custom User Interface for handheld devices

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Using iPad for Mall Intercept Studies

Use the iPad (WiFI or 3G) to conduct surveys in real-time

Auto-Nexting for quick feedback of surveys

Real-Time Quota Control and Quota Fielding

App Available

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