Mobile - Field Surveys - Using the iPad

Field studies and surveys are important elements of research sciences. However, the data collection, processing and analysis process for the field surveys generally is lack of automation. Survey Analytics Mobile Module provides a complete solution using wireless network and mobile computing technologies for mobile field survey data collection and analysis. This not only enhances communication between surveyors in different locations, but also speed on-site data entry and analysis. Thus, the field surveyors can optimize collection efforts and the field survey can be more efficient and accurate.


Personal mall intercept survey - Mall intercept surveys are widely used and (theoretically) able to reach a large segment of the population. In any given two-week period, about 2/3 of U.S. households shop one or more times at a mall. According to a CASRO membership survey, about 25% of all marketing research and 64% of personal interviews are conducted at malls.

Interview & on-site surveys - Rapidly develop and deploy complex and multilingual surveys on a variety of mobile devices. Interviewers engage people at the point of experience to ensure that the insights collected are timely and accurate.

Mobile Surveys - A mobile-enabled panel will allow you to engage your audience on their own devices to provide feedback and insights that are meaningful and convenient - on their own terms. The result: more accurate, timely information and reduced churn of your valuable panel asset.

Post Class/Training Evaluation - Pass a survey around for feedback on training sessions right after the session ends.

See Example:

How to set up Mobile Surveys?

Download and Install Survey Analytics Mobile App for iPad/iPhone

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Download the app at:

Finish installing the application on your iPad/iPhone It is free!

Set up the survey in your Survey Analytics account.

Recommended Settings:

Set the Interactive mode for the survey.

For iPhone surey set the width to 320px

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If you wish to loop the survey (Administer the survey repetitively) then set the survey auto-redirection to the same survey.

Set up a custom survey URL for the survey.

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On the iPhone/iPad Survey Analytics app, enter in the key for the survey and the survey will start. Key for a survey is the first part in the custom survey URL.

For Example:

If the custom survey URL is the key is: ipad

Do I need to install some application on my iPad/iPhone?

Yes. You must install the SurveyAnalytics - Mobile application from the Apple AppStore for the iPad/iPhone - Its a free app. To download the app Click here for Survey Analytics Mobile App

What are some of the advantages of using an real-time field survey system over a traditional clipboard?

A few actually:

Real-Time data collection - When fielding surveys in multiple locations, researchers can monitor the data-collection in real-time. More importantly, researchers can identify issues and problem areas and change the survey remotely.

Logic and Skip Patterns - Tradtional clipboard models do NOT allow for any logic. Real-Time electronic field surveys allow for skip/logic, extraction etc. - Where questions can be tailored to the respondents.

Real-Time Quota Control - Most of market research requires some sort of validity in sampling. Today, when field surveys are conducted, data is first collected and then adjusted for sampling bias and in many cases thrown away. If you are looking for 50% male/female mix - there is no feedback to the interviewer what to look for.

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