Social media monitoring and analysis has rapidly become a key element in evaluating how your product or service is perceived and used by your customers. Listening to the consumer, via social media such as Twitter or Facebook gives real time information on shifting opinions and reactions within your business environment.

The SurveyAnalytics social media monitoring and reporting module gives you all the facilities you need to keep in touch with the social media buzz about your business. You can obtain quick and relevant information and integrate that with your survey data to provide a 360 view of your business, highlight new trends and allow you to react quickly to emerging situations. You can't afford to ignore social media, SurveyAnalytics gives you the tools to take control of your business in the social media world.

Facebook Integration

Facebook Connect allows users who take your survey to be first authenticated on Facebook, after this they will be allowed to take the survey. Some key features are:

Automatically allow users to login to Facebook before taking surveys

Facebook Profile data stored along with survey data

Respondents facebook feed shows survey activity

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Twitter Integration

SurveyAnalytics provides simple one click solution to post your survey on Twitter. Once you have set up the survey, simply click on the Post Link to Twitter button. You will be prompted to enter your Twitter login and once you do so the Survey will be posted on your Twitter profile.

Increased Visibility

Viral propogation of Surveys

Get responses within the shortest time

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LinkedIn Integration

Post Surveys directly on Linkedin with a single click. Guaranteed professional feedback from verified respondents. Linkedin will help you increase visibility of your survey research. Some key advantages are listed below.

Business network reach

Highest quality social network

Expert and accurate feedback

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QR Code Integration

SurveyAnalytics provides Quick Response(QR) codes for your survey URL. You can distribute these via various means and the surveys will open directly without the need to send/remember full URL's for your surveys. Few advantages of using QR codes are listed below

Cost Reduction

Builds Excitement

Less Waiting

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Survey Sharing - Viral Distribution

You can share your SurveyAnalytics Survey with your Web community online.

The Social Network Toolbar allows you to provide users with easy access to share the survey. When Social Network Toolbar is enabled, respondents can simply click on the Facebook icon or the Twitter icon to post the survey on Facebook or Twitter.

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