Social Media Analysis

People are talking about you.your company, your products, your people. With modern, digital communications tools, they're publishing their thoughts to a worldwide audience. They write on blogs and in online communities, and they share pictures and videos on popular sites, such as MySpace and YouTube. Sometimes, the issues they raise show up on the front page of major newspapers. Paying attention to these online conversations is a new imperative for anyone who cares about their company's reputation.

Social media analysis is the broad term for the services and tools you will use to pay attention. It incorporates monitoring, measuring and analyzing Internet-based social media, usually combining automated systems and human insight to turn raw data into useful information.

With SurveyAnlytics's Social Media Analysis, you can use information provided by Survey Analytics to open vast new sources. It's most often used in marketing and communications/PR functions, which is why some people call it brand monitoring. But there's more to it than monitoring, and it's not used only in marketing. Customer service, product groups, competitive intelligence, and investor relations.or any other "relations" function.will find useful information. Specialized applications for institutional investors, lenders and supply-chain managers are also available.

Social Media Analytics

Survey Analytics's Social Media Analytics provides multi-language support because a bad customer review is as valid in Spanish or French as it is in English; some estimates are that less than half of all Twitter traffic is in English.

Survey Analytics's Social Media Analytics allows organizations to advance beyond ad hoc social media interactions by maintaining an archive of conversations necessary for ongoing analysis.

Understanding that your brand or business is being viewed in a negative light is useful, but understanding which elements of your business are generating that sentiment allows you to take action. Survey Analytics's has a unique approach for developing custom taxonomies and concepts that aligns to the most important business concerns and bring a level of clarity and insight other solutions can't match.

With Survey Analytics's Social Media Analytics, subject-matter expertise and statistical models are combined to create powerful, efficient sentiment extraction rules that business expertise and statistical rigor alone cannot provide.

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