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FAQ On Customized Reports/Charts

When you create a Customized Report/Chart after adding all the questions to your survey, a slide for each of the question in your survey will be created. You can edit each of these slides and customize the slides to fit your presentation needs.
The Customized Reports/Charts tool can be accessed by clicking on
  • Login »  Surveys »  Analytics »  Online Tools »  Customized Reports
Enter a Name for your report and click on the Create New Online Report button to create a Customized Report/Chart.

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What are the different Customization options?

To edit the "Executive Summary" click on the Edit link.

In the Popup window make the changes and click on the Save Changes button.

After making the changes click on the Refresh link for the Report. Only after you click on the Refresh link will the changes reflect.

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What are the different Output options?

Report Link Use this link to view the Report.

Offline Slideshow Click on the Refresh link to download the offline slide show.You can download a Zip File for the Report by clicking on the Zip Ic\ on. The report will be available offline. To share this report with others you can also email the Zip file as an attachment.

I've added questions to my survey, but the slides do not show up!

Custom Reports are Static Reports. You will need to click on the "Refresh" link for the Report to update it so that the Latest Changes are reflected. The slides are created when you create the Customized Report/Chart. If you add/delete/rearrange questions to your survey, you'll have to delete the older Customized Report/Chart and create a new one. This will create a slides for all the questions in your survey.

How can I remove the "Analytics Powered By ...." text on the slides?
You cannot Remove this text.

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