Weighted Satisfaction Scoring Model

Adjusted Satisfaction Scoring Model -- Dynamically Weighted by Importance

What is the Weighted Scoring Model?

The weighted scoring model is used with the Side-By-Side Matrix question. The scoring model applies a "weight" to the matrix questions based on responses to the first item in a side-by-side matrix.

Generally the first item measures attributes like "Importance", "Need" or "Expectation". In such cases the values of the subsequent dimensions ("Satisfaction" , "Use" or "Delivery" etc.) can weighed based on corresponding scores from the first attribute.

So how is the weight for each item calculated?

For each Side-By-Side matrix question, there is a "Anchor" dimension -- This is the first dimension and we call it the anchor. In most cases this is the "Importance" or "Expectation" dimension. NOTE - THIS HAS TO BE THE FIRST DIMENSION YOU MEASURE. SurveyAnalytics automatically assumes that the first dimension is the anchor. All subsequent calculations are based on the anchor.

The weight for each item in the anchor is calculate by this formula:

Weight(n) = Anchor Score(n) / Sum of [Anchor Score]

How is the Adjusted Score for the other dimensions calculated?

Ajusted Score(n) = Weight(n) * Score(n)

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