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Research Communities enables companies to build living/breathing digg style communities. Survey Analytics Community™ is based on the simple assumption of crowdsourcing your innovation engine. Call it Feedback 2.0. It combines the "wisdom of the crowds" concept with Web 2.0 models like Digg.

SurveyAnalytics Communities

Online Market Research is not complete without your customers. But customers are not so keen to participate in your research study, and you are not sure of the opinions that you collect. Survey Analytics Communities lets you manage your online communities based on individual profiles. With our Survey suite you can have smarter interactions with your customers. You would need access to people who are willing to share their opinions with your rather than a customer who is not so keen to participate.

A small group of interested people would mean more to your analysis than a large group of elusive customers. Our Communites tool works seamlessly with our Survey suite for an astoundingly simple way to capture higher quality insights about your customers. SurveyAnalytics' Communities enables you to create and survey specific as well as user specific panels in your account. You can monitor panel activity and performance, communicate with members, and monitor survey completion data in real time. It's faster, easier and more cost effective than doing a traditional focus group, simply create a survey with the questions you need to ask and get started.

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