Decision Matrix

A decision matrix is a chart that allows a team or individual to systematically identify, analyze, and rate the strength of relationships between sets of information. The matrix is especially useful for looking at large numbers of decision factors and assessing each factor's relative importance. Survey Analytics's matrix and side-by-side matrix type questions help you gather analytical data, which you can use to make vital decisions in your company.

Decision Matrix

A decision matrix is frequently used during quality planning activities to select product/ service features and goals and to develop process steps and weigh alternativs. For quality improvement activities, a decision matrix can be useful in selecting a project, in evaluating alternative solutions to problems, and in designing remedies.

Using iPad for Mall Intercept Studies

Any survey that you create on the Survey Analytics platform can now viewed/ answered easily through an Apple ipad. The surveys would be displayed the same way as they would be displayed on any web browser. You can collect multiple rows of data during conferences by passing the ipad to multiple users. A quick way to collect qualitative data.

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