Online Panel Management Software

Surveyanalytics's Online Panel management features help you connect and collaborate with customers, partners and colleagues to simplify and improve your daily business interactions. Seamlessly connect with people inside and outside your organization and streamline communications for improved business results. With our enhanced Question types you can collect just the required information leavind behind the quantitative data. The data that helps your organization in true sense.

Our Panel Management Modlue is designed to give you all the tools you need to make effective use of your valuable assets - your panelists. It provides the ability to generate simple or very complex samples quickly and easily. The module comprises of project management, email management and user management. Double opt in panelist registration procedures are made simple, as are panelist management and reporting.

We also supports multiple panels, any language and provides a range of features to enable you to manage your panels in an efficient way. As a web application it is accessible from anywhere in the world. Our Panel Management Module is highly integrated with Enterprise Research Mopule making it a comprehensive solution for panelist portals and data collection.

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