Outsourcing Assessment

Survey Analytics's Outsourcing Assessment is quick, effective and organized into multiple phases to adapt to your specific requirements and constraints. We provides you a rapid, low-risk, and objective Outsourcing Assessment.

The result of our Outsourcing Assessment Service provides you with an objective analysis of the financial, operational and governance performance. We prepare and present a comprehensive report on the survey performance and make specific recommendations for improvements and changes.

Outsourcing Assessment

Many organisations are considering outsourcing repeatable processes (ie: call centres, accounts processing, sales processing, customer support) as part of a continuous drive to improve efficiency & reduce costs. However, according to published research it has been concluded that many outsourcing contracts are still failing to meet expectations, A lack of preparedness in considering the business requirement & how to source it, is a key factor in determining the success of the outsourcing contract.

Survey Analytics's Outsorcing Assessment will help you to assess all the factors mentioned above. Our Outsourcing Assessment is designed to provide Directors with an independent business assessment (and Risk review) based on an understanding of the corporate objectives, existing process models, IT, services delivery & timescale objectives. We can scale the review to suit the size/complexity of your firm?s outsourcing requirement.

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