Vendor Risk Based Assessment

Vendor Risk Based Assessment aims to keep the quality of products and services and to guarantee an efficient support of management tasks within an organization. Vendor Risk Based Assessments can reduce costs, minimize risks and maintain compliance at high standard levels.

Survey Analytics's risk based assessment ensures that the foundation, deliverable and review are all sufficient enough to mitigate the exposure to loss of reputation, customers, or income.

Vendor risk based assessment is a continuous process initiated at the time of the vendor contact and sustained through the evaluation of the performance of services. While the auditors are generally tasked with this review, the effects of a good, or bad, vendor are felt institution-wide.

Survey Analytics has experience in providing risk assessment and post loss surveys across a wide variety of different risk types.

Vendor Assessment

Vendor Assessment facilitates the annual data refresh by allowing vendors to review and update their information. Although the module can be used as a stand-alone tool, it integrates seamlessly with other CMS modules. Vendor ratings and other information are automatically incorporated in other elements of business continuity planning.

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