Dial Testing Software for Market Research

Using SurveyAnalytic's Dial Testing tool you can collect real time Response, Where in you can have a chosen group of respondents who will respond to your Survey. Its as if your respondents have a hand held dial which they turn to indicate the level of favourability to a set of specific Survey Questions, taking Market Research to the highest level.

Survey Analytics iPad/ iPhone Survey tool

With the IPad/ iPhone application you can now conduct field surveys, where in respondents can answer your surveys through an iPad/ iPhone havind a similar user interface as it would be any other web browser.

You can conduct post Trade Show Surveys, Conference Surveys. With a limited number of input fields you can collect qualititve data for the event that helps you analyze yoru respondents with greater complexity.

Using iPad for Research Studies

Any survey that you create on the Survey Analytics platform can now viewed/ answered easily through an Apple ipad. The surveys would be displayed the same way as they would be displayed on any web browser. You can collect multiple rows of data during conferences by passing the ipad to multiple users. A quick way to collect qualitative data.
iPad Survey App

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