With our advanced research tool, you can view survey results in an interactive reporting environment using 'Online Dial Testing'. SurveyAnalytics offers real time responses to test media by asking respondents to provide moment-by-moment feedback via online metric.

Respondents to your survey can customize reporting by a single question, or any combination of questions asked during a specific survey. It also provides the ability to run survey reporting at the same time as the test media, in an interactive overlay environment. In addition, for each slice of the data, a real time report sharing link is automatically generated.

Dial Testing Software

Online dial testing methodology allows you to conduct research in the most time and cost effective manner possible. Dial Testing can help you discover more about your consumers and understand them more deeply than using qualitative or quantitative methods alone.

Live Dial Testing

Conducting dial testing groups in-person enables you to engage the target audience in thoughtful and in-depth discussions to illuminate their questions, potential concerns, and preferred methods of communication for a narrative, speech or ad concept and its key messages.

Online Dial Testing

Our advanced dial testing module enables you to engage the target audience in thoughtful and in-depth discussions to illuminate their potential concerns/ feedback. SurveyAnalytics dial testing software integrates into a traditional Web-based survey layout, but also allows you dial test the respondents in much the same way as we would in person, using a graphical interface that allows true moment-to-moment dial ratings.

In addition, embedding the dial testing in this Survey format allows you to ask Standard battery of matrices. Online methodology allows us to conduct research in the most time- and cost-effective manner possible. Immediate real time results from dial testing can allow you to adapt the discussion on-the-fly and find out what your respondents really think.

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