Split Ballot Testing

Split Ballot Testing is when you divide your sample (randomly) into two or more sub-samples and perform an experiment. The experiment could be different versions of a survey, or different questions, etc. The goal is to see if any differences exist between the versions of the survey or how users behave differently.

Split Ballot Testing is used to identify problem questions or sequences in surveys related to Split ballot. Split Ballot Testing of alternative questionnaires seeks the highest estimate of socially undesirable attitudes or behaviours.

Split Ballot Surveys

Three aspects of the most important problem question used in agenda-setting research to measure issue salience among the public were examined. A split-ballot in a state-wide survey compared versions of the public agenda with a social frame of reference versus a personal frame of reference, versions using the traditional term problem versus issue, and the effects of question order. High correlations between the different versions were found in all three sets of comparisons.

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