Split Ballot

split-ballot examines the effects of alternative ways of communicating risks. All respondents were presented with a baseline scenario. Split-ballot can be used to Explore the Robustness.

The Split-Ballot is a research design of survey research. The goal of Split Ballot, for the evaluation of questions is to get the decision for that question type, which is ultimately used.

Survey Analytics's split-ballot approach is useful to indicate whether variation in the method causes differences in the response distribution.

Survey Analytics's split-ballot research paradigm has four distinguishing features : (i) a single variation of a single facet is experimentally randomized; (ii) the stimulus for the experiment is an empirical anomaly or puzzle; (iii) the focus is on methodological problems rather than substantive theory; and (iv) the explanatory effort, insightful as it can be, is very much post hoc

Split Ballot Surveys

Three aspects of the most important problem question used in agenda-setting research to measure issue salience among the public were examined. A split-ballot in a state-wide survey compared versions of the public agenda with a social frame of reference versus a personal frame of reference, versions using the traditional term problem versus issue, and the effects of question order. High correlations between the different versions were found in all three sets of comparisons.

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