Respondent Anonymity Assurance (RAA)

What is RAA?

One of the challenges researchers face is the requirement for two directly conflicting issues

The ability to track who has responded to the survey and who has not -- for sending out reminder emails, giving out prizes or compensation etc.


For human subjects protocols or other privacy reasons, ensuring that email identifications not be linked to the response data.

From a technical standpoint, if we need to track who has taken the survey and who has not, the survey researcher also implicitly has the ability to track the response for each individual. To overcome this issue, the Respondent Anonymity Assurance has been introduced. SurveyAnalytics asserts that once RAA is enabled on a survey, although computer generated identification numbers for individuals will be generated, the survey researcher will not have access to both the respondent's email address as well as the response data at the same time. for more information please visit: Respondent Anonymity Assurance
The Survey should be distributed using SurveyAnalytics Email Management and the Survey Tracking link should be used for distribution.

What assertions does SurveyAnalytics make for RAA-enabled surveys?

Only SurveyAnalytics personnel can enable this guarantee for any survey

Once the RAA is enabled for a survey, at the request of the survey researcher, it will remain perpetual and cannot be rescinded -- by the researcher or anyone else.

The SurveyAnalytics Survey Software will never present a respondent's email address linked to the response data in any of the analysis tools, reports and data downloads.

In the exceptionally unlikely event that a breach occurs for any reason, technical or otherwise, SurveyAnalytics will immediately notify the respondent as well as the survey researcher about the issue. If the respondent requests his response data to be removed from the servers as a result of the breach, SurveyAnalytics will comply with the request even if the survey researcher does not agree. Furthermore, SurveyAnalytics will make all reasonable efforts to make sure that such a breach does not occur again.

How do I request RAA to be enabled for one of my surveys?

Please contact Support Center with the following information

Account Email Address

Name of the Survey

Survey Link

The following Text: - Please Enable the SurveyAnalytics Respondent Anonymity Assurance on my account for the survey mentioned above. I understand that once this is enabled it cannot be disabled for any reason whatsoever.

How do I know if a survey I am taking is protected by RAA?

1. Screenshot

Survey Software Help Image

For surveys that have RAA enabled, a link to the details about the guarantee will be put on the "Bottom Right" corner of the survey. This link cannot be removed or added by the survey researcher. It will be automatically added on surveys that have the anonymity guarantee enabled. Once this link is enabled it cannot be removed, changed or edited.

How do the Reports look?

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Any and all data which can be used for respondent identification will be masked using the text: "**RAA Blocked**".

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