Configuring a Salesforce Integration

How to configure a Salesforce integration?

After developing the survey using SurveyAnalytics's web-based wizard interface, the mapping between the survey and a object needs to be defined.

Application Integration is required for SurveyAnalytics to integrate with your SalesForce account. Not all SalesForce Editions allow application integration. Please check with your SalesForce representative if your account has access to Application Integration.

The steps for implementing the SurveyAnalytics / integration are as follows:

Go To:

  • Login »  Surveys »  Integration »  Cloud Connectors »
Enter your login details. Your account must have the Salesforce API enabled. Contact your representative for details. This login information is used by the SurveyAnalytics system to access and store survey responses.

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After the connection is verified Object Mapping section appears

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Type of Salesforce Objects available

Select the type of object that you would like to map to in your database.

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Note: If you plan on mapping to custom objects or custom fields in, you will need to create them in and revisit this mapping screen.

After defining the object, each question will have a link for mapping that question to a object.

Mapping can be done from

  • Login »  Surveys »  Integration »  Cloud Connectors »

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A link is provided with custom variables for your email campaign. The link contains an ID for the survey hosted at SurveyAnalytics as well as an ID for the object. Using this link, you can send invitations to your contacts in to take a survey. When a respondent clicks on the link, SurveyAnalytics will capture their survey responses and also populate your system with the survey results.

The next step is to create an E-mail template in containing the customized link. For assistance on generating the correct link, please reference the help item below. For help creating an E-mail template, you may reference the help item below or your documentation.

The final step is inviting respondents to take the survey. If the link to your survey has been configured correctly, SurveyAnalytics automatically tallies the data and passes it back to

Data type

In SurveyAnalytics all close ended (select type) question types are saved as integer. You can map all close ended (select type) type questions to a number field in SalesForce with 0 decimal places, and usually 1 for length unless there is more than 9 responses to that particular question is which case you will need to set a length of 2 or more. Text questions can be saved as a text field. A complete collection of all the question types and their fields are as below:

Question TypeSalesForce Field Type
Multiple Choice Select OneNumber
Multiple Choice Select ManyPick list select many
Open Ended questionsText
Multi Point scalesNumber
Constant SumText
Contact InformationText
Dynamic Lookup TableText
Please note that some question types will require more than one field. For example the multipoint scale will need one field per row

Learn more about how to set integration with SalesForce from this short video:

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