What are the different ways I can distribute my survey to respondents?

There are a variety of options for inviting respondents to take your survey. Each survey has a unique link identifying its location at SurveyAnalytics. This link can be added to an email, placed on a website, printed on postcard invitations, etc. A combination of any of the above methods may also be used to invite survey participants. All of the data is still collected under one single survey.

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Some ways to invite respondents are as follows:

SurveyAnalytics Email Management System: Create an email invitation with a link in the body of the email inviting the repondent to take the survey by clicking the link.

Own / Third Party Email Marketing System: Use your own email marketing system to generate email invitations. These invitations can be customized with respondent tracking links exported from the SurveyAnalytics system. By utilizing the tracking links, completion rates can be reported and multiple submissions can be prevented.

Web Site / page / blog Link: Link to the survey from your web site / page / blog. By clicking the link, the respondent is presented with a survey that is hosted by our system, yet it contains your company logo and appears as if it were another one of your web pages.

Pop up Surveys: Add code to your website that triggers a popup invitation to take your survey while visitors are browsing your site.

Social Network Integration

You can post your surveys on social networking sites for maximum reach.



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