SurveyAnalytics Academic License - FAQ?

How do I sign up for the SurveyAnalytics Academic License?

Please contact sales-team [at] and they will be able to handle your request.

What is the cost of this license ?

A reduced fee will be charged for the University or the Department and every student and faculty member of that university or department will have access to their own Full Featured Enterprise License.

What will be the cost for renewing our academic license?

The fee will remain the same as the initial proposal signed by your University or Department.

Does every one from my University/ Department has access to the Data?

No - Each account is individual and is linked to an email address and a password.

Is there a limit on number of question that I can have in my survey?

No, you can create UNLIMITED questions in your survey with your academic license.

Is there a limit on number of surveys that I can run concurrently in my account?

No, there is no limit. You can Create UNLIMITED surveys with your academic license.

How many responses can we collect? Is there a survey specific limit?

You can collect UNLIMITED responses with your academic license.

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