Cross/Upsell Opportunities - Personalized

Personalizing Opportunities - How to?

Depending on a respondents response, further actions can be set up. Follow up actions can be set up based on the response and notifications can be sent. Multiple Thank You emails can be set up and customized to give a personal touch. For example: If a respondent answers favorably or gives a positive response a thank you email goes out automatically. However, if the response is negative then a notification is sent to the administrator and an email is also sent with an alternate response. The administrator can take further action and rectify the situation or get in touch with the respondent personally to resolve the grievance.

Can multiple response emails be set up?

Yes. you can set up multiple responses. For each response there can be a specific personalized response email.

How to personalize the responses?

Custom Variables can be used in the Thank you email for personalizing. For more information on custom variables please see the help file below.

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