Event Driven Reactivity

Despite the huge popularity of event processing nowadays, there is a big gap between the potential usefulness of event-driven processing and the current state of the practice. One of the main reasons is the lack of a comprehensive conceptual model for the event-triggered reactivity and the corresponding framework for its management. Survey Analytics surveys the current state of the art in event-driven architecture with special focus on event and action processing.

Survey Analytics describe the prerequisites of a completely novel conceptual model for describing reactivity that is more close to the way people react on events: based on the ability to identify the context during which active behavior is relevant and the situations in which it is required. This approach opens a completely new view on the event processing as the way for managing a very valuable knowledge asset of every enterprise - knowledge how to react (make decisions) in event-driven situations.

Event Trigger Survey

Event driven surveys are also known as event trigger surveys because they usually are given to customers following a specific trigger event. This makes event driven surveys particularly useful in measuring the impacts of certain processes or interactions on customer satisfaction. One of the most common ways to use event driven surveys is as a measure of customer service satisfaction because you can identify instances when customers interact with members of your service organization and then survey those customers. One typical example of an event driven surveys is the telephone or web survey that is listed on the bottom of your receipt when you make a purchase, asking you to call or log on and provide feedback on your experience. Some companies also use follow up calls to customers who have called customer service departments in order to evaluate how satisfied customers were with the service they received.

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