Event Planning Survey

Creating an Event Planning Survey can save you hours of time and money, not to mention make your life easier because everything you need is all in one place. Event planning surveys are perfect for getting input from guests about where to hold an invite, what type of food they want, having them RSVP, as well as follow-up with them after the event is over. Using an event planning survey can help make planning any event seamless and efficient.

Survey Analytics makes it easy to create even the most complicated event planning form imaginable. Even the most novice of users can create a simple RSVP form, have the data emailed back to them, and send reminders to those who have yet to RSVP.

You can also make event planning surveys as email follow-ups for people who have attended an event to see how they liked it. Getting the feedback you need to make your next event even better is really only a survey away.

Event planners can use Survey Analytics for:

  • Event, wedding, and party RSVP forms
  • Pre-event planning surveys
  • Post-event user input surveys
  • Online feedback forms

Event Trigger Survey

Event driven surveys are also known as event trigger surveys because they usually are given to customers following a specific trigger event. This makes event driven surveys particularly useful in measuring the impacts of certain processes or interactions on customer satisfaction. One of the most common ways to use event driven surveys is as a measure of customer service satisfaction because you can identify instances when customers interact with members of your service organization and then survey those customers. One typical example of an event driven surveys is the telephone or web survey that is listed on the bottom of your receipt when you make a purchase, asking you to call or log on and provide feedback on your experience. Some companies also use follow up calls to customers who have called customer service departments in order to evaluate how satisfied customers were with the service they received.

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