Event Trigger Survey

Event driven surveys can be a very useful tool for companies as they allow you to focus on a specific transaction or interaction and see how it is impacting customer satisfaction. You can use event driven surveys as an outlier management tool, identifying customer service employees who are scoring at the bottom of the distribution on customer satisfaction for their particular job function. You can also use event driven surveys as a means to evaluate process changes. If you want to make a change to your company.s phone scripts but are unsure what the impact will be on customer satisfaction, you can pilot the changes on a sample of customers and use event driven surveys to measure their experience and compare it to customers who have gone through the normal script to see whether there are differences. You can even use event driven surveys as a tool to measure progress toward a goal of improving customer satisfaction by identifying key components of the survey and trying to improve on those scores over time.

While event driven surveys may sounds pretty simple, it is important that you use surveys for the appropriate interactions and that you use surveys designed in a manner to maximize the value of the data provided. Satisfaction Consultants has experience in designing event driven surveys, and will work with your company to identify which trigger events to survey, as well as design a survey that will provide a sufficient volume of meaningful results. The length of the survey and the type of questions used often depend on the transaction or interaction which is being measured, and Satisfaction Consultants can help you develop an appropriate set of questions that will give you insights into customer satisfaction, and won.t be so grueling that customers give up before finishing the survey. Satisfaction Consultants will also work with your company to interpret the results of the survey and identify opportunities for improvement based on them. With Survey Analytics your company can know that you targeting the right customers, getting quality data from them, and developing the results of that data into effective strategies for improved customer satisfaction.

Event Trigger Survey

Event driven surveys are also known as event trigger surveys because they usually are given to customers following a specific trigger event. This makes event driven surveys particularly useful in measuring the impacts of certain processes or interactions on customer satisfaction. One of the most common ways to use event driven surveys is as a measure of customer service satisfaction because you can identify instances when customers interact with members of your service organization and then survey those customers. One typical example of an event driven surveys is the telephone or web survey that is listed on the bottom of your receipt when you make a purchase, asking you to call or log on and provide feedback on your experience. Some companies also use follow up calls to customers who have called customer service departments in order to evaluate how satisfied customers were with the service they received.

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