Survey Analytics Casestudy - Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance

CSTA (Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance) is using SurveyAnalytics SurveyPocket app in an innovative way to collect feedback. The Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance conducts economic impact studies, asking fans at cycling events, swim meets and more about how long they are staying in the area and how much money they are spending. When field interviewers for CSTA use SurveyPocket to collect feedback, they don't use iPads or Android tablets. Rather, they use iPod touch devices, one of the many mobile platforms supported by SurveyPocket.

"Tony Fisher also like that SurveyPocket app gives you access to an online survey tool," he said. We have a triathlon coming up, and I'm going to send the athletes a survey online to complete when they're ready. They tend to be busy when they're racing." "It's a great tool," Fisher added, "and it deploys easily. I recently sent some devices out to field interviewers in British Columbia. I was able to push the surveys out to them, they collected the data, and they just sent the devices back."

What's inside

  • Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance Casestudy
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SurveyAnalytics Casestudy Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance

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