Survey Analytics Casestudy - Manitowoc Food Services

Manitowoc Foodservice is a sales and operations organization for the world.s leading food service brands. Manitowoc provides the market with a complete range of equipment to meet the demands or the busiest kitchens. And because innovation is a cornerstone of the Manitowoc business, they frequently conduct market research in order to begin serving customer needs at the product development level. Manitowoc began using SurveyAnalytics for specific research projects as part of their New Product Development process. With SurveyAnalytics, customer feedback can be integrated at any stage of the product lifecycle, ensuring innovation that is not only pioneering but also useful and valuable to the end user.

"The SurveyAnalytics team is committed to innovation and easy-to-use collaborative tools. SurveyAnalytics allows users to pursue complex sets of data through randomization, dynamic questions presentment, counterbalancing, and much more. We've worked with them on a number of projects so far and we're looking forward to a long-lasting partnership that helps us fulfill our ongoing need for richer and more dynamic user information."

What's inside

  • Manitowoc Casestudy
  • Challenges
  • Strategies
SurveyAnalytics Casetsudy Manitowoc
SurveyAnalytics Casestudy Manitowoc

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