Survey Analytics Casestudy Swisscom

Swisscom is Switzerland's leading telecom provider boasting nearly 6 million mobile customers and almost 1.6 million broadband connections. Swisscom offers a wide range of products and services for mobile, landline, and IP-based voice and data communication. And, at a company where progress and improvement are a constant necessity, staying at the cutting edge of innovation requires a lot of customer insight and research. To keep in touch with their clients, Swisscom's customer experience development team reaches out through the Survey Analytics platform.

"Survey Analytics has proven to be a comprehensible and comprehensive solution for our team. As a result of the surveys that we've put out into the field, our team is much closer to our customers and has a better understanding of their needs. And because we can adapt the surveys and features to our needs by ourselves, we have become empowered to seek out more customer information at every stage of development. That type of ability is indispensible to a customer-centric company like Swisscom."

What's inside

  • Swisscom Casestudy
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Survey Analytics Casestudy Swisscom
SurveyAnalytics Casestudy Swisscom

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