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Ziff Davis Enterprise creates innovative print and online media that targets IT professionals across the industry with news and analysis, research, information sources, events, and more. With a dedicated base of more than 5.5 million enterprise IT decision-makers, Ziff Davis connects companies and customers in meaningful ways. Ziff Davis'eWEEK publication is a leading print and online high-tech news source. With an objective of enabling readers to successfully evaluate, deploy, and leverage new technology solutions that suit each of their unique needs, eWEEK was dedicated to listening to their readers requirements and delivering superior insight to their customer base. In recent years, eWEEK, along with many other market researchers, had noticed that response rates for online surveys have been declining. Customer communication, however, had become even more imperative in order to continue to deliver relevant, valuable information to readers. eWEEK decided to connect to users on their mobile phones using the SurveyAnalytics SurveySwipe application.

"Mobile is the future in every industry. This means that we can learn more and do more with that information if we begin learning from our customers via the devices that they use all day long, every day."

What's inside

  • Ziff Davis Enterprise Casestudy
  • Challenges
  • Strategies
  • Mobile Solutions
SurveyAnalytics Casestudy ZiffDavisEnterprise
SurveyAnalytics Casestudy Ziff Davis Enterprise

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