Three days before this year.s Super Bowl game, 4 leading market research firms (Survey Analytics, BrandScan 360, Beacon Research, and Hemispheres Research) quickly joined forces to create a large scale mobile ethnography of this major social event. Immediately following the half-time break, the 1,200 iPhone owners in the Survey Analytics SurveySwipe consumer mobile panel received a notification with a link to participate in our Super Bowl study and 20% accepted. The short survey included both closed- and open-ended questions, as well as two questions that asked participants to take and submit pictures.

"This is an excellent resource that guided me while going through with my research online. It isn't specific only to SurveyAnalytics tool but also is about the general principles one needs to stick to when conducting mobile research. I recommend that not only dummies but even people with some experience in conducting mobile surveys read this book once.."

What's inside

  • Super Bowl XLV Mobile Ethnography White Paper
  • Methodology
  • Findings
SurveySwipe - Super Bowl XLV Mobile Ethnography

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