Developing Dynamic Surveys

Smart surveys that present the respondent with questions and answers specifically tailored to each individual respondent improve response rates and improve the integrity of collected data. offers the ability to create smart surveys using a simple point and click interface. Many techniques may be utilized when developing surveys that dynamically direct a respondent through a survey based on the respondent's prior survey responses. The standard example is Simple Branching. For instance, if a respondent answers 'Dissatisfied' to a question regarding support satisfaction, then show a series of questions to gather more information regarding their feedback; alternatively, skip the additional information questions. There are multiple options for developing dynamic surveys like Simple Branching, Piping, Looping, Compound Branching, Delayed Branching, etc.

"This is an excellent resource that guided me while going through with my research online. It isn't specific only to SurveyAnalytics tool but also is about the general principles one needs to stick to increase the response rates and minor tweaks in language to make the existing questionnaire more effective. I recommend that not only dummies but even people with some experience in online surveys read this book once.."

What's inside

  • Multitude of options for developing dynamic surveys
  • Criteria and Logic
  • Resulting Actions
  • Detailes of options for developing dynamic surveys
  • And much more!
Developing Dynamic Surveys

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