Survey Analytics Casestudy Microsoft

Microsoft, the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential, is a company that is fully committed to integrating the feedback and responses of their users. Because of this commitment, Microsoft works with SurveyAnalytics to gather complex sets of data from their consumer to enterprise-level clientele. Over the past several years, Microsoft has launched numerous SurveyAnalytics solutions in order to learn more about how they can best serve their customers. SurveyAnalytics partnered closely with the Microsoft team to integrate various technologies and make the entire survey experience seamless. The comprehensive suite of survey-based research tools allows Microsoft to source and manage dynamic information from a variety of users. This research directly influences Microsoft best practices, updates to their services and software, and more.

"SurveyAnalytics brought excellent analytical marketing skills to the table and delivered results in a very short time frame. The ability to store unlimited amounts of data and then be able to interpret and apply that information is a huge value add to any company that values empirical, business-impacting research."

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Survey Analytics Casestudy Microsoft
SurveyAnalytics Casestudy Microsoft

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