SurveyAnalytics for Dummies

'SurveyAnalytics for dummies' is primarily intended for people who need to do research online or collect feedback of any kind but are unfamiliar with online surveying. Getting responses through paper surveys and doing it online are two completely different things. On the internet it is easier and quicker to seek people and receive their responses. The questions shown further in the questionnaire can be changed based on the answers provided to the earlier questions, making the questionnaire dynamic. Its analysis display is instant and the target respondents are plenty and varied. But just the same, from the respondent end it is easier to turn down the request to provide a response, not provide answers to certain questions, abandon the survey or unknowingly provide an answer that isn't true and get the following questions for it. All the dynamics change between paper surveys and online surveys. This book covers all the things that must be kept in mind and the small mistakes that need to be avoided while conducting an online survey.

"This is an excellent resource that guided me while going through with my research online. It isn't specific only to SurveyAnalytics tool but also is about the general principles one needs to stick to increase the response rates and minor tweaks in language to make the existing questionnaire more effective. I recommend that not only dummies but even people with some experience in online surveys read this book once.."

What's inside

  • Understand online surveys
  • Select your target audience
  • Prepare effective online questionnaires
  • Track respondents
  • Create multilingual surveys
  • Send your survey to the masses
  • And much more!
SurveyAnalytics for Dummies

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