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Fairfield Language Technologies publishes Rosetta Stone, revolutionary CD-ROM and online language-learning software acclaimed for its speed, power, and effectiveness. Each year, Rosetta Stone expands its prominence in retail and institutional markets worldwide: from language lab use in schools to networked corporate training to personal use at home. Teaching 29 languages to 5,000,000 people in over 150 countries worldwide, Rosetta Stone is the key to language learning success.

"I have used SurveyAnalytics extensively for the last two years doing research first for the Marine Corps and now for Fairfield Language Technologies. The best thing about SurveyAnalytics is that I can do almost anything I could possibly want to do with my surveys: from basic but vital things like having the right questionnaire format to creating reports, tracking response, inserting more sophisticated analytical tools like conjoint, etc. SurveyAnalytics has the breadth and depth of tools that a marketing researcher needs to do his job. They are also constantly innovating adding new capabilities and expanding their services. They are more expensive than most similar sites but the price is not high for what they provide. SurveyAnalytics is definitely a very good value for the money."

What's inside

  • Rosetta Stone - Fairfield Language Technologies
  • Challenges
  • Solution provided by Rosetta Stone
SurveyAnalytics Casestudy RosettaStone
SurveyAnalytics Casestudy RosettaStone

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