Sentiment Analysis Tool

Most sentiment analysis tool rely on us using simple terms to express our sentiment about a product or service. If it were as easy as identifying .I love BestBuy. or .I love the iPhone. then we could all build a database of keywords and sentiment analysis would be 100% accurate. Unfortunately, the English language.or any language for that matter isn't that simple. Survey Analytics Text Categorization helps you categorize the text responses from your respondents and get closer in this regard.

Sentiment Analysis tool

Sentiment analysis involves classifying opinions in text into categories like "positive" or "negative" often with an implicit category of "neutral". A classic sentiment application would be tracking what your respondents are saying about your product/ service. Survey Analytics gets you the Voice of your Customers.

What is Sentiment Analysis?

It's a technique to detect favorable and unfavorable opinions toward specific subjects (such as organizations and their products) within large numbers of documents offers enormous opportunities for various applications. It would provide powerful functionality for competitive analysis, marketing analysis, and detection of unfavorable rumors for risk management.

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