Sentiment Metrics

Sentiment Metrics locates and stores all the content about your product/ service, from a million voices. Survey Analytics SentimentMetrics then cleans and analyses the data, presenting it in clear easy to read tables and graphs, for you to interrogate and glean actionable business intelligence. The insight you gain from this allows you to grow customer satisfaction, increase market share and profits, and benefit from a real competitive advantage.

Sentiment Analysis tool

Sentiment analysis involves classifying opinions in text into categories like "positive" or "negative" often with an implicit category of "neutral". A classic sentiment application would be tracking what your respondents are saying about your product/ service. Survey Analytics gets you the Voice of your Customers.

What is Sentiment Analysis?

It's a technique to detect favorable and unfavorable opinions toward specific subjects (such as organizations and their products) within large numbers of documents offers enormous opportunities for various applications. It would provide powerful functionality for competitive analysis, marketing analysis, and detection of unfavorable rumors for risk management.

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