About Workforce!

Workforce revolutionizes the way that executives, team leaders and managers keep in touch with their employees on a regular basis and delivers insights that help you take action.

Workforce provides a friendly user experience and is simple for everyone. Our cutting edge technology delivers inline surveys for employees to respond and embedded data intelligence to display trends and reports. Keep your employees happy and get information you need to know when someone is bored or too overwhelmed quicker than ever before. Workforce is a division of the Survey Analytics Enterprise Research Platform.

Workforce is really simple.

  • Takes ownership of tasks.
  • Helps break down, estimate, and provide just-in-time design for small increments of work.
  • Promotes improvements in version control, continuous integration, project build, and project automation.


How can Workforce really help me?

Workforce helps you communicate and listen to your employees frequently without interrupting your busy schedule. Workforce does all of the hard work behind the scenes and presents you with the data you need to make the best decisions for your team, no matter how large your organization is.

Workforce is here to help with...

  • Employee Feedback.
  • Employee Engagement.
  • Actionable Insights.
  • OKR Software.
  • Improving Company Culture.
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How to Take Your Employee Temperature

Employee Temperature

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